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Bill Garrett, PhD 



Demography, Ethnicity, and Immigration:
The Changing Face of Identity in the 21st Century



Climate change and political destabilization (as in Syria and Central America) have produced population migrations on a large scale. These migrants have in common a desperation that is difficult to ignore. At the same time, industrialized nations around the world are facing unprecedented population decline— a decline that may result in the collapse of their social security and retirement programs.   

What might seem an obvious solution— enhanced immigration policies on the part of developed countries— has generated resistance and the emergence of authoritarianism and racial tribalism, especially in Europe and the US. This reaction is not a new thing; it represents an atavistic strain in humanity since the dawn of our species.   

The course will sketch the history of this drama and consider recent proposals to accommodate it in the 21st century.






#1: The Population Bust

#2: Fukuyama: Against Identity Politics




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