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Bill Garrett, PhD


CNS 5035 — The Philosophy of Mind: An Online Class


Rodin: The Thinker

(Yes: I know you know that. And just that is how the human mind works.)


When we speak of “mind” in an academic context, we are, of course, speaking of the human mind─ not the minds of animals or the Divine Mind. The distinction is important, because the human mind, according to a strong consensus of scholars, is a product of evolution. It remains a work in progress, and its emergence is surprisingly recent─ dated at some 65,000 years ago. Yes, there were humans earlier than that, most notably Archaic Homo sapiens─ our predecessor species that was driven by a natural catastrophe to the brick of extinction. A genetic mutation that radically enhanced language and cognition, traits which facilitated the cooperation needed for survival, generated a new species─ our species─ Homo sapiens sapiens.  A new species, and the birth of mind as it is generally understood in today’s world.














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